«The Game»

The system of goals reaching and self-discipline development in Forex

  • Set the correct goal;
  • Determine what actions are necessary in order to achieve it;
  • Strictly follow your plan.


Four key problems of all traders

Unsystematic trading No trading simulator involved Insufficient data range Lack of discipline
If you do not have a clear algorithm, then it will be impossible to understand which activities generate income and which systematically destroy your deposit Not having tested your trading system on a trade simulator, you put your balance at a huge risk If you backtest the strategy on just a few months of data, you will receive inadequate results Having a clear algorithm, which provided you with good results on the historical data, many stubbornly continue to trade on a whim rather than on a predetermined plan

The solution of all traders’ problems

1. Take any strategy from:

2. Test the strategy on a significant amount of data in Forex Tester

3. Determine the risks and potential profits from your trading system

4. Trade on a demo account during the next 2 months

How does it work?

  1. Register in the game
    Registration does not take too much time and is completely free
  2. Download the templates files and fill them out
  3. Go to your profile on the forum
  4. Copy all the information from the template and insert it into your profile
  5. Every day, write 1 post on the forum (template attached), which will include:
    • Screenshots from the trading terminal about the trades’ status
    • The detailed description of the reasons for opening and closing
    • The detailed description of psychological factors that might interfere your algorithm-based trading
  6. Share your progress in the social networks

Solving the problem #1

Download the template, fill it out and use as a trading algorithm

Trading algorithm template

Solving the problem #2

Use the Forex Tester simulator trade in order to estimate the potential of your trading system.

If you have any questions related to the software usage then please read our instructions in the "How to use" section. We recommend starting with the page, which explains all the key points associated with testing.

You can also contact the Forex Tester technical support by sending an email from this page: or by writing your question directly to our chat window.

Solving the problem #3

To test your strategy on more than 1 month of historical data one needs to purchase a Forex Tester’s license.

Solving the problem #4

In order to achieve your goal, it is highly important to write down all the actions that were either taken or not. It will help to face the facts and not the assumptions. Sharing your goal and actions with the people whose opinion matters for you (the ones in Facebook, Twitter, Forex Tester’s forum friends and so on) will definitely increase your success rate and will not let you to give up.

Report template