Top 23 Exclusive Benefits of the Forex Trading Simulator [Screenshots]

Top features of the Forex Tester trading simulator:
an insider's look [Screenshots]

Testing strategies on multiple currency pairs and multiple time frames simultaneously
Profit chart for a comprehending analysis of your trading systems
Provides detailed statistics during the test and after the test
Pause testing, save project, continue later
Testing several automatic strategies (EAs) at the same time
Allows replaying your trading history in MT4 for finding out your strong and weak points
Allows saving templates for a faster setup of your backtesting
Multiwindow interface
Placing orders from the screen
Market Orders
Modifying orders
Paint tools
Trade History on Charts
Place a group of pre-defined pending orders
Multiple Languages Interface
Change Properties of Backtestin
Shift time
Export Data to Excel
Create Custom Timeframes
Trailing Stop
Immediate account deposit/withdrawal
Place SL & TP easier