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This page is dedicated to our respected Affiliate Partners. Here we will provide different kinds of information that will help you to understand "How does it work?", "How can I earn?" and "How to get even better results? " while promoting our main product - Forex Tester.

The many years of cooperation with our Affiliate have showed us various ways for a profitable cooperation for both sides. From just one banner to a full-scale promotion, from a personal Forex-blog to a multilingual network of Forex-related websites, all of of these methods are effective. You can achieve very positive results by offering your users the best products that are worth their money. And now, let's get to the point:

Banners and text links

Placing banners (or text links) in the 'good spots' of your webpages will definitely catch the eyes of your users. Do not forget that every person who visits our website with your "personal affiliate-link" (or through the banner click) will be "marked" by our affiliate system. If this person purchases Forex Tester from our website within the next 6 months, you will receive a 25% commission on your account. So, choose the locations for banners and/or text links wisely.

You can place just our banner (with your special affiliate link) or create a "Product Description webpage" on your own website and use this banner link. At this page you can explain to your users "what it is - Forex Tester" and place the affiliate link next to it.

Please feel free to use any of them.

Forex Tester: trading simulator that teaches you to trade
Forex Tester: the best software for improving trading skills
Forex Tester: the best software for improving your trading style
Forex Tester: the best software for improving your trading style
Forex Tester: the best software for improving your trading style
Forex Tester: the best software for Forex learning

Forex Tester: the best software for improving trading skills

Forex Tester: the best software for improving trading strategies


Learn currency trading with Forex Tester software
Forex Tester trading simulator: backtesting software #1
Forex Tester: professional software for Forex learning
Forex Tester software: manage Forex training like professional
Forex Tester: professional Forex training software
Forex Tester trading simulator – leading backtesting software

Нow to insert the affililate link to the banner

<a href="Please put here your affiliate link">Place here the banner code</a>

You can find your affiliate link in the top righr corner of your affilliate account.

Screenshots and Videos

Depending on different approaches of the FX website owner you may want to use Forex Tester's screenshots and/or videos.

Please find our screenshots here:
And videos here:

E-mail campaigns

Those affiliates who have their own user e-mail bases can use highly effective "e-mail promo action". Adding Forex Tester into such a campaign or regular news (once or permanently) can give you good commissions at the end.

Generally, it looks like your suggestion in text and/or graphics; adding some product description (short or full, according to possibilities and free space) will have a positive result.


If you need additional information (for example, different banner size or suggestions for optimization of your web project) do not hesitate to ask. You can direct your enquiries to with "Affiliate enquiry" in the subject field.


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