Ver 1 Build 9 (26 November) of FT Pro issued

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Ver 1 Build 9 (26 November) of FT Pro issued

#1 Postby Man » Mon Dec 04, 2006 5:38 am

26 November 2006. Ver 1.0 Build 9.

1. Increased speed of line drawing.

2. Corrected error with control bars when they collapsed and did not restore their size.

3. Added templates (View -> Templates).

4. Corrected histogram view (on some indicators such as Volume it was shown incorrectly).

5. Added new indicators: Polarized Fractal Efficiency, Ultimate oscillator, Demark's Range Expansion Index, Pivot Points, Bears Power, Bulls Power, Keltner Channel.

6. Added horizontal scroll bar for the main chart.

7. Added demo strategies to the installation package.

8. Added new commands "Pause" and "Resume" to the strategies interface. Pause can set pause mode and allows user to make decision by himself. Resume can continue execution.

9. Added new option "Show price" in Fibonacci retracements tool.

10. Added new menu options that allow you to save and restore current testing state including templates, open positions, history and current date on the chart. See File -> Open/Save project.

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