New build 12 is issued

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New build 12 is issued

#1 Postby Terranin » Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:39 pm

I released new build 12 of Forex Tester, it is not placed on site yet because I want to test it a little before official release. But everyone can download it from here:

New features:

1. Added new drawing style - ds_HistogramFill that allows to draw indicators as a vetical lines between two buffers (similar to Ishimoku clouds but without border lines)

2. Added new drawing style - ds_ColoredCandles that allows to draw indicators as a colored bars using 4 buffers (see pic. 1)

3. Added new very demanded indicator - Heiken Ashi (see pic. 1)

4. Updated documentation for indicators and strategies, now it includes Delphi and C++ examples.

5. Improved fast placing orders with Ctrl + B, Ctrl + S. Now you can define a list of up to 10 orders for buy and sell separately, including trailing stop information and after pressing Ctrl + B/S you can choose an order from the list. If it is only one order in the list it will work as before without dialog window. You can define this list in Options -> Trade (see pic. 2)

6. Now you can change the sounds in the program at Options -> Sounds (see pic. 3)

7. Added ability to export statistics from Stats. panel to a text file with right mouse button (see pic. 4)

8. Improved Strategy Optimizer tool, now it can optimize strategy with more than 1 parameter (up to 5) and you can export statistical results to a text file. (see pic. 5)

9. Fixed bug with placing orders after starting test with pause option selected.
Pic. 1
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Pic. 2
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Pic. 3
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Pic. 4
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Pic. 5
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