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Chart Painting Bug

#1 Postby mettafort » Sun Jan 05, 2014 10:09 am


I am new to the application, but when zooming out, I can seem to zoom out twice, and then on the third time the chart is unusable/unreadable. This seems like a painting algorithm bug.

The attachment shows a candle chart in FT2, zoomed out, and the second image is Amibroker, which I always thought had a poor rendering algorithm compared to other tools, but it is usable, unlike FT2.

Could someone please prioritize changing the painting. Its extremely difficult to get a look at the price action on the lower timeframes because of this painting fault. I am calling a fault, respectfully, because candles dont look like candles and it looks like the algorithm hasnt even added the open or close. I have built chart rendering tools myself and know its not a no-brainer, but its not that difficult too and I would hope someone could have a bash at improving this.

Thank you so much,

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