Backtesting & Optimizing MT4 Account History

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Backtesting & Optimizing MT4 Account History

#1 Postby Mattem » Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:15 am


I'm wondering if you can advise how to use FT to backtest/ optimize my MT4 statement?
I have loaded it into the "statement processor" and run a test which provides the same results as when I traded live. However I wish to vary the data to try different "take profit" values.
I have tried to do this in excel by manually adjusting the "close price" and then imported the data via the statement processor - however as I do not have a "close time" in my data it will not allow me to import it.

Is there a way to import statements without a close time? Therefore allowing different SL & TP values than originally placed?

OR, Can I save my initial test and optimize that? Maybe by turning it into pending orders within FT so I can modify them for further backtesting?

Help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Backtesting & Optimizing MT4 Account History

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Statement processor ignores SL/TP values of opened orders, it is mostly used to see when the orders were opened and closed on charts.

So you need to place a pending orders with new SL/TP manually or change the SL/TP of opened orders manually.

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