Auto Conversion failed, manual conversion upload failed.

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Auto Conversion failed, manual conversion upload failed.

#1 Postby alwaysmiddle » Thu Feb 25, 2021 2:29 am


I ran into problems converting .mq4 indicator files into .dll files. It seems the file also failed to upload to FT's server with manual conversion. I have used another file from 2009 period, it seems to convert fine, but the 2020's file does not seem to convert well automatically. This file does not have an "init()" function, it only exclusively uses event triggers, I am not sure if that is the cause.

The attached is the .mq4 file I am trying to install as indicator. I have also sent a copy to .
TD Sequential
(6.31 KiB) Downloaded 50 times

Please let me know if the conversion is possible, thank you!

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Re: Auto Conversion failed, manual conversion upload failed.

#2 Postby FX Helper » Thu Feb 25, 2021 9:05 am


We've tried to convert this indicator but it looks like it contains functions which are not supported by our API.

In this case I recommend you to contact our partners from 4XDEV team by email or via their site

They are a programmers who convert/create indicators and EAs for Forex Tester 4 and MetaTrader.

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Re: Auto Conversion failed, manual conversion upload failed.

#3 Postby SPX500trader » Sat Nov 13, 2021 1:57 pm

From reading other posts in various forums on the "conversion fail" To me this seems like the biggest flaw of ForexTester's service. Their answer to all the complaints is: contact 4XDEV team to "convert"--so the end result is you have to choose between paying money to 4XDEV team to actually use ForexTester to test your EA's or never be able to test them at all

Of course some EA's will fail if they weren't programmed correctly in the 1st place but this "auto conversion" seems to fail almost 100% of the time (based on feedback of other posts on this subject)
There is no way that all of the EA's that have been done by 5 star expert MT4 programmers could fail virtually 100% of the time on auto conversion so then you have to ask the question: does it "fail" virtually every conversion on purpose to refer to 4XDEV team to "convert" ?

ForexTester should list a checklist on the auto conversion tool---that is something to the effect of: Before uploading for auto conversion please check your source code for these common coding errors which will result in a failed conversion. Also they could have a tool that pre-scans the EA and shows the user all of the errors. That way people could have their own programmers "correct" the code so that it should go through when using the auto conversion tool instead of basically being forced to choose between paying 4XDEV team to "convert" or just not being able to use their EA on your system to test at all

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