Hire a developer to code MT4 indicators/EAs from scratch

The team of our developers will gladly create indicators and EAs for MetaTrader 4 or/and Forex Tester for you.
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Hire a developer to code MT4 indicators/EAs from scratch

#1 Postby FX Helper » Fri Feb 01, 2019 7:02 am

Get custom indicators/EAs for MetaTrader 4 and Forex Tester

Do you think you have dozens of trading ideas, but you lack coding skills or time to arrange them as indicators and Expert Advisors for MetaTrader 4 or/and Forex Tester? We know how to help you!

Let us introduce our valuable partner – http://4xdev.com/. It is a team of specialists who focus on Forex tools development. They will gladly create indicators and EAs for MetaTrader 4 or Forex Tester for you.

All you need for ordering a tool (indicator or Expert Advisor) is to create a technical specification and send it to our partner’s email: 4xdev.team@gmail.com. Don’t forget to specify the subject of your letter (for example, ‘Coding an indicator’).

After this, the representatives of the 4xdev company will contact you either by email or by phone (depending on which method is more convenient for you).

How long can it take?
When accepting the development of the tool, the 4xdev specialists will provide you with more detailed information concerning your order: the time required for its execution and testing, its price, etc.
If it is necessary, they will additionally contact you to clarify the details of the task.

Get your files, test them and refine
What are the chances to get a stable and profitable strategy at once? Wouldn’t it be great to test your trading idea in the form of the EA or indicator through the years of historical data before going trading live?
You can get your EA/indicator in the .dll format suitable for the Forex Tester software for backtesting purposes: this way, you will be able to check whether the trading strategy can bring profits; what parameters can be changed for better; what currency pairs it suits most, etc.

Once you find the possible improvements with the help of our backtesting software, the 4xdev developers will make changes in the initial code of the EA/indicator (the cost will be calculated depending on the complexity of the changes needed and can be discussed separately in each case).

Disclaimer: By employing our partner’s services, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use established by the 4xdev company. Forex Tester Software, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the services provided and will not be liable for the trading results based on the strategies/indicators developed.

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Re: Hire a developer to code MT4 indicators/EAs from scratch

#2 Postby Rahul123 » Sat Feb 08, 2020 2:06 am

Excellent ! I got useful information here. Thank you!

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Re: Hire a developer to code MT4 indicators/EAs from scratch

#3 Postby DanyTraderONE » Tue Sep 29, 2020 3:49 am

The cost of converting the EA ist too high. Your website is misleading, that you can easily test your EA! Also I don't want to give away my earned EA! So I have decided to get refund. But I did not get a response email yet. All this problems has to be solved BEFORE buying FT4 ! The salesman is misleading this process!

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