Profit Chart does not work

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Profit Chart does not work

#1 Postby ForTrax » Sun Feb 09, 2020 7:55 am

Hi, :|
1.File/Add Profit Chart
My profit chart does not show anything, regardless if I do manual or automatic testing. :| :|
It just shows at top flat green line and at the bottom flat red line.
Another thing how to close this window. The only way I know is to File/Load Desktop

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Re: Profit Chart does not work

#2 Postby FX Helper » Tue Feb 11, 2020 3:50 am


Can you please send a screenshot of the issue?

Do you have any trades in your current project?
The lines on a Profit Chart will be flat if you don't have any opened/closed orders.

I can also recommend you to right-click on a Profit chart and select "FT2 style Profit Chart" option to see the profit chart for the whole testing period.

To close the chart please make a window at first (via Window -> Tile Horizontally (Vertically) menu, for example) and then click "X" button at the top right of the window.

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