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How to add Daily Stochastic into a 4H chart?

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 1:10 pm
by mostafanfs
Guys how do I add a Daily Stochastic Oscillator into a 4H chart so that I can see both Daily and 4H Stochastic Oscillator in one single chart?

I use Stochastic with 14,3,3 parameters on a 4H chart and since 6 candles of a 4H chart will form a DAILY CANDLE, I tried to add a Stochastic with 84,18,18 parameters on the same 4H chart (14,3,3 multiplied by 6) and then opened a Daily chart with a 14,3,3 Stochastic but the result wasn't the same as multiplied 4H Stochastic oscillator.
Now why is that?
What did I do wrong?
Because I did the same thing in MT4 platform and everything works just fine. This is a simple method and I expected it to work flawlessly in FT4.

Re: How to add Daily Stochastic into a 4H chart?

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 2:42 am
by FX Helper

Can you please send a screenshot of the issue?

Please try to create a project with GMT+2 time zone and activate "European DST" option and then add this indicator again.

In this case there shouldn't be weekend candles and daily chart will consist of 6 H4 candles,

This should help.

Re: How to add Daily Stochastic into a 4H chart?

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 1:47 pm
by mostafanfs
Yeah, you're right. it seems like it has something to do with GMT.
I did what you asked. It got better. Before I had weekend candles. Now that is solved.

But still both Stochastics does not show the exact same value. Which they should!
I will attach the project. Please open it and see it for yourself.
In project there is a Just press Spacebar and check Daily chart Stochastic K&D values with 4H chart Stochastic (the one with 84,18,18).
They are not exactly the same.
What am I missing?