Narrower Candles / Adjustable Candle Fattiness

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Orc Chieftain
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Narrower Candles / Adjustable Candle Fattiness

#1 Postby Orc Chieftain » Mon Oct 31, 2022 2:44 am


it would be really great if I could fit more candles on my screen. I don't want to go to higher timeframe or scroll back in the chart (which very unsmooth and acts weird when multiple screens are used).

So this is it: Make it possible to have slightly less fat candles. It would really be a major upgrade for me and I can't imagine what it would do for people who only have those small screen laptops Hehe.

Thanks for considering
Orc Chieftain

FX Helper
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Re: Narrower Candles / Adjustable Candle Fattiness

#2 Postby FX Helper » Mon Oct 31, 2022 11:38 am


You can press "-" button on the top tool bar in the Forex Tester 5 program or press "-" button on a numeric keyboard (right part of the keyboard) to change scale of the chart, in this case more candles will be seen.

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