Set custom times and save window postion

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Set custom times and save window postion

#1 Postby df-tester » Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:49 pm

Hi, I just upgraded to Forex Tester 3 from 2 and have to say that I love this new version. I have a couple of suggestions that would greatly improve the experience imho and shouldn't be too hard to implement if your team so chooses.

1. I love being able to move different charts to a secondary computer screen, but I think this could be improved by being able to save a multiple open charts in a particular position. i.e: you move a chart for whatever reason to a second monitor, but have an option to be able to recall that charts position before you moved it.

2. I know the daily candles begin at 00:00 within the program, but I think having an option where we can set the time independent of that would help a lot of users of this fine program. example: In your answer to the faq How to set New York Close charts we change the “Time zone” parameter to “GMT+2” or 3. I think it would be a huge improvement if there is a separate option to have, maybe in red or something, set a time at 5pm, 6pm etc. next to the 00:00 time shown at the bottom of the program. That way, we can have a clear reference to whatever timezone our broker's clock is set to.

Thanks for reading this.

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