Please add option to "Select Object after Creation"

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Please add option to "Select Object after Creation"

#1 Postby MikeT » Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:14 pm

Hello FXT4 Team,
Similar to MT4, please add an option to "select object after creation," which would automatically open the dialogue box of an object after it is created.
It would be an added bonus if a user could decide which types of objects they may want this option selected for.
For example, I might like to always have the Fibo open immediately, as I often change the levels, while I may want the ellipse to remain in one standard configuration.
However, if that is too much, we would at least like the option to make all objects selected after creation.
It is sometimes a real challenge to click on the right spot of an object such as a line and get it to highlight so we can then edit it. I often have to try 5 or more clicks before finally getting the exact right spot.

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