FUTURE Forex Tester to Provide Links to Chart Pattern Plays

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FUTURE Forex Tester to Provide Links to Chart Pattern Plays

#1 Postby Dtumz » Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:04 am

:shock: This is a Futuristic Idea, one that will set Forex Tester above all other inbuilt backtesting utilities in other trading Softwares:

1. Create a Separate Executable software to Forex Tester called something like 'Forex TESTER Links
2. Outlay a simple linking method, perhaps right on the chart mouse right click options

:D How it works. Let's say In Future a Student is using MS Excel, Powerpoint or Word and encounters this link:

GBPJPY Gartley Example : C:\ForexTester_Links\Project%20Harmonics\GBPJPY\2015.03.10_07:00&2015.05.15_22:00\

This Link simply excecutes the 'Forex Tester Links' mini add on program, which then opens Forex Tester #X, which then opens a project called Project Harmonics, straight to GBPJPY pair to the start & end time the pattern was playing out.

I guess the Student will have to put the mentors project harmonics among his/her listed Projects within his Installed Project folder. Alternatively, A direct link to a chart with or without calling a particular project, simply opening a pair and chart
Also during Research the ability to Create a link like the one examplified above by just right clicking on the chart, and saving the link for future reference. :mrgreen:

:shock: With millions of Patterns, Students/Mentees/Traders will be flocking to Buy Forex Tester #X

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