Visibility & Template options like Trading View

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Visibility & Template options like Trading View

#1 Postby deserttim » Fri Feb 28, 2020 11:52 pm

I use Trading View for my charts, the best thing about it is you can use templates for everything

I would love to see FT4 adopt some of the same features, specifically

1) allow templates to 'save' the colour/style of (e.g.) a horiztonal trend line - So you can have different line styles for different timeframes. I dont want to have to keep changing the style of a horizontal line on a weekly to a monthly.

2) 'visibility' option for lines etc. So when you draw a Support / Resistance line on (e.g) a weekly chart it applies on the timeframes you select in the visibility options. Maybe I want a monthly line to only show up on a Monthly Chart, but a Weekly line to show up on a Weekly and Daily Chart.

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