ForexTester4 custom indicator converter code modification

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ForexTester4 custom indicator converter code modification

#1 Postby agora » Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:18 am


1.the new feature to automatically convert MQL to forextester format is great, but since some function are not (and will not) supported according to the site, i would suggest you add some sort of Editor in between so the user can (if he wants) look up the converted code prior compiling so he might add some own changes/code and then hit the compile button/ok.
I can code but i had no luck with several delphi compilers, so having a working MQL4-like editor fo forextester (in programm or on website)
would be great.

2. some sort of site where users can upload and download the code (only no forum site, too much time to search+ read)
like the mql4/5 codebase site. or like a blog 1pic per indicator + short description + download link
that was what mql4 made to succseed, i think that would be beneficial here too for forextester indicators.

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