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Enhanced Data Downloader

#1 Postby asokas » Sat Jul 11, 2020 10:24 am


It is great that we can export the data. Thank you.

For those of us who subscribe to your data service, or have bought lifetime access as in my case, I would like to suggest the following...

Many of us have other trading software programs that use the Metastock (Legacy) format. Hence, we would like to use your exported data in those programs.

At present, it is non-trivial to convert the given CSV file to Metastock (legacy) format. You need the Metastock Downloader, version 17, or better. I happen to have it but it is clumsy to do it with that. You actually have to edit each CSV file and delete out the ticker and time columns for daily bar data. For intraday data, you have to delete out the ticker column, and edit the time column to be in HHMMSS format, which is definitely also non-trivial for a huge file!

I can also confirm that the presenet intraday CSV format is not readable by Metastock's Downloader 17 at all.

Hence, my suggestions for the export function (which at present is very basic), are:

(1) Create the possibility to download multiple files at once, not just one at a time as is the case at present.
(2) Offer the Metastock (Legacy) format as an alternative download format to CSV, and allow for the multiple files downloaded to be automatically allocated their corresponding ticker names. Both for daily and intraday data.
(3) Possibly even create an automator to allow all this to be done by batch processing so that once the files are selected and a batch created and saved, the process can be done automatically by just clicking a button.

At the very least, please provide the CSV files in correct format for immediate use in a data converter like Downloader 17, so that we do not have to edit each one individually, as is the case at present.

Important: See attachment from the Downloader 17 help files regarding data format. This is what is required for a CSV file to work. Obviously, I would much rather that you implement an enhanced download facility as suggested. However, in the meantime and before that, if you can modify your CSV file formats to conform exactly to what Downloader 17 requires, then it means that we do not have to manually edit each file every time we want to convert to Metastock Legacy format.

Note: I keep mentioning Metastock Legacy format. This is basically what we have always known as "Metastock format". They have created a new format for reasons best known to themselves. However, the old format will work on all programs that need Metastock format, especially old programs, and will also work with Metastock itself. Hence, this is obviously the priority format to create if you decide to implement this suggestion.

It is very kind of you to let us export the data. However, for it to be really useful, it needs to preferably pre-convert to Metastock format, thereby requiring no extra work from us, OR at the very least be in a CSV format that requires no additional editing in order to be converted by us to Metastock format.

I hope you will give this idea your serious consideration. Thank you.
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