Drawing Tools and Indicators Set Default Function

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Drawing Tools and Indicators Set Default Function

#1 Postby stepsy » Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:16 am

Hi Forex Tester,

Set Default is a commonly used feature in any analysis tools.

You can improve the "Set Default" function to make it more powerful.

Current Function
Forex Tester uses that last property setting to draw an object/indicator.

For example, user chooses Oval and chooses color red as the main color and it remains red until the user chooses another color. But rarely people will stick to one color and to the most recent color albeit setting. This is quite inefficient.

People will and can save time if we have the following implementation..

New and Time Saver Function
A user has the option to choose a default property setting. This is the default unless the user sets a new default.

Below is a user scenario to demonstrate what I mean with the above.
1. User choose Horizontal Line tool and sets color: RED and thickness:2 and sets it as default.
2. User draws Horizontal Line on chart. It is color red and has a thickness of 2. This is Horizontal Line 1.
3. User draws another horizontal line on the chart. On properties, he changes color from red to green. The horizontal line drawn is color green with thickness of 2. This is Horizontal Line 2. Because the user specifically choose green, therefore the line drawn has color green.
4. User draws another horizontal line. It is color red with thickness 2. Because the default is color red and thickness 2, therefore the default properties are red and 2. There is no need to touch the settings.

With the current implementation, when analysing on different timeframes and drawing objects, the user has to keep on changing properties to the most commonly used one to the one off or less used setting. This causes a lot of time wastage.

Can we have this for Forex Tester 3 Release please?

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