An Issue (or a freezing function)

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An Issue (or a freezing function)

#1 Postby charvo » Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:55 pm

in testing mode, this issue is pretty annoying, could you developers plz consider adding this function to solve my problem?

say, when i have two charts of eurusd, one 4h chart, one m5 chart

if i try to observe how m5 chart's price action react to a 4h SR level, i'd naturally expect i can freeze the view of 4h chart, while at same time let m5 chart rolling forward.

in this way, i can observe how price action behave in one TF against another TF's significant level.

but FT2 doesn't have this function to freeze the view of one chart (it is okay to move forward, but don't move my view), and let the other chart move forward.

this FREEZING function is also important in such a scenario

say i want to change the current view from H4 to m5, the FT2 will always reset the view to "NOW". this is very inconvenient if i can't control it.

if i am reviewing a 2011 October price action on H4, then i want to go down to m5 for more details, after i press 'm5' button, the view will go all the way to "now"/today/2015 August, then i have to manually scroll all the way back to 2011???

to make it worse, even if i zoom in/out in the same TF, FT2 would take my view back to "NOW"/today too!

could you please consider this issue? i think this freezing function is not only needed by me.


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