FT being nonresponsive.

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FT being nonresponsive.

#1 Postby JJLL » Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:21 am

Now, whenever I start/load FT 2.4.2 the program loads, but hangs on my taskbar.

What I mean by "hanging" is that if I click on the tab to maximize FT, it does not pop up.

Below is an error report I received when I close the program.

Error Signature:

szAppName : ForexTester.exe szAppVer : szModName : hungapp
szModVer : offset : 00000000

Error Report Contents:


I've reinstalled the software, that did not change/help the problem.

I'm running Windows XP Professional SP 2 with 4 GB of memory and an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU.

One thing I've noticed is that when I'm running FT, I'm using at least 50% of my CPU usage.

If anyone has any clues or tips on how I can fix this, I'd really appreciate it.

Below is a copy of my bug report.

date/time : 2009-12-18, 18:43:42, 93ms
computer name : AAA-F2029D5ACD1
user name : aaa <admin>
registered owner : aaa
operating system : Windows XP Service Pack 2 build 2600
system language : English
system up time : 2 minutes 28 seconds
program up time : 10 seconds
processors : 2x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz
physical memory : 3168/3583 MB (free/total)
free disk space : (C:) 64.76 GB
display mode : 1440x900, 32 bit
process id : $fc
allocated memory : 50.21 MB
executable : ForexTester.exe
exec. date/time : 2009-12-06 14:04
version :
compiled with : Delphi 2006/07
madExcept version : 3.0h
ForexTester.exe.mad : $0003c7d0, $98843b86, $e408b238
callstack crc : $63fce1dd, $88dcc344, $88dcc344
exception number : 1
exception class : EAccessViolation
exception message : Access violation at address 006AB6B0 in module 'ForexTester.exe'. Read of address 00000000.

main thread ($f8):
006ab6b0 +178 ForexTester.exe segment%266 public%18110
004b7b48 +02c ForexTester.exe segment%53 public%5248
00474c1c +014 ForexTester.exe segment%31 public%3365
77d4bcc7 +00a USER32.dll DispatchMessageA
004d1614 +0fc ForexTester.exe segment%56 public%6097
004d164e +00a ForexTester.exe segment%56 public%6099
004d186e +096 ForexTester.exe segment%56 public%6104

thread $508: <priority:15>
7c90e9a9 +0a ntdll.dll NtWaitForMultipleObjects
7c8094ec +00 kernel32.dll WaitForMultipleObjectsEx
7c809c81 +13 kernel32.dll WaitForMultipleObjects
004502dd +0d ForexTester.exe segment%23 public%2150
00450347 +37 ForexTester.exe segment%23 public%2151
>> created by main thread ($f8) at:
72d2328c +00 wdmaud.drv

thread $104: <priority:2>
77d6ea80 +3b USER32.dll GetMessageA
004502dd +0d ForexTester.exe segment%23 public%2150
00450347 +37 ForexTester.exe segment%23 public%2151
>> created by main thread ($f8) at:
76b45f4c +00 winmm.dll

+ ASUS Other Devices
- Asus Video3D Device (driver
+ Computer
- ACPI Multiprocessor PC
+ Disk drives
+ Display adapters
- ASUS X1550 Series (driver 8.401.0.0)
- ASUS X1550 Series Secondary (driver 8.401.0.0)
+ DVD/CD-ROM drives

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