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Incorrect data timeline

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 5:02 pm
by KevinTester
Problem: The timeline at the bottom of the main window does not advance chronologically. For example; if the first date shown is 21 Feb 00:00, the next value will be 21 Feb 02:00, etc. When the date advances to 21 Feb 22:00 the next date will be 21 Feb 00:00 (it of course should be 22 Feb 00:00). It does this several times in the timeframe selected. To be clear, the data repeats itself, not just the timeline at the bottom.
In 1 month of data at least 5 days will repeat themselves. The strategies are unable to deal with this and have buys and sells going backward and forward in time. Not good.

Things that I have tried;
Removed all custom indicators and strategies;
Cleared data history and reloaded all data ( I am a lifetime VIP data member);
Tried data from several different brokers;
Deleted all projects and created new with newly updated data

I have included a screen shot that shows the issue.

Re: Incorrect data timeline

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 4:50 am
by FX Helper

Historical data from which broker do you download?

I’ve just downloaded historical data from Alpari broker, created a new project and started a test.
And it seems that everything is OK with the historical data on chart.

So please open Data Center window, select EURUSD pair, click “Clear history” button to delete old data.
Then select Alpari broker from the list and download historical data via “Update from server” button.

After that, create a new project and start a new test.