Levels on multiple time frames

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Levels on multiple time frames

#1 Postby WilliamFX » Thu Sep 24, 2020 9:02 am

The problem is I only want my levels to be shown on the time frame their drawn on, which is very annoying having to change that every single time, but that's not the bug. The bug has specifically happened to me many times where say for example I draw a horizontal line/level on the Daily chart then on the H4 or any time frame below it and above it it will show the price point on the right side even though you have selected it to only be shown on one time frame but the issue is then when I want to deselect a level (double click) a level from the higher time frame appears and now that level has moved and I cannot deselect the level drawn on a different time frame to the Daily (in this specific example this is for all time frames) It is very annoying - If there is something you didn't understand let me know.

P.S please add a feature/option where you can choose that each level you draw on a specific time frame is only shown on that specific time frame it was drawn on, and then you can obviously change that if you want.

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