Forex Tester Hangs on open

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Forex Tester Hangs on open

#1 Postby NScrilla » Thu Apr 01, 2021 6:02 pm

I have used forex tester for several years. When I was using a project it stopped responding. So i closed it and opened and now it wont let me do anything. As soon as it opens it opens the project i was on. The project does not respond. I cannot click anything or do anything, it is stuck in a not responding loop and i cant get out of it or change the project. This has happened once before but i was able to get a new project opened and that worked. Does not seem to work this time. What causes this and how do i move forward?


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Re: Forex Tester Hangs on open

#2 Postby FX Helper » Fri Apr 02, 2021 1:51 am


It’s likely that some program files are damaged.
Please download Forex Tester 4 via this link: ... upEng4.exe

Install it on your computer into another folder (for example, C:\ForexTester4_NEW). Please DO NOT install it into the Program Files folder.

After that, launch Forex Tester 4 as administrator (right-click -> run as administrator) and register it with your key.

If you need to keep your historical data, projects and templates. then please do the following:

1. Go to program folder (C:\ForexTester4 by default) and backup these folders: "Data", "Projects", "Templates"
2. After you reinstall Forex Tester, replace the corresponding folders with those that were backed up.

And please try always launching the software as administrator (right-click on Forex Tester icon -> run as administrator).

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