generating ticks do not work for EURUSD

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generating ticks do not work for EURUSD

#1 Postby ihappynesss » Wed May 29, 2013 5:54 am


I have been using FT2 standard version for almost 3 months now. I downloaded ticks data of AUDUSD, EURUSD and GBPUSD for testing. everything worked fine but EURUSD. Importing data seems fine in the historical mode, however, when I generated ticks for testing purpose, the chart of all time frames is blank, no data at all. However, I worked just fine for AUDUSD and GBPUSD testing mode. dont understand, is it a bug? please advise.


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Probably you have different data periods for different symbols. For example you may have data for EURUSD starting from 01.01.2002 and data for AUDUSD starting from 01.01.2001, in this case when you start a test EURUSD chart will be empty. So please start a test from the date where you have data for all pairs or import more data. You can check start and end date of downloaded data for each currency pair under the top green bar.

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