replacement for Delphi Turbo -solved

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replacement for Delphi Turbo -solved

#1 Postby superdoug3 » Thu May 13, 2010 2:27 pm

1. is coding in Delphi or C++ the only way to write strategies for FT ?

2. Delphi Turbo appears to be a point and click way to code Pascal C++, is this true ? You only have to add C++ code for specific logic.

3. As free Delphi Turbo is no longer available, Lazarus was recommended as a suitable replacement, the video seems to indicate that this is a C++ compiler and possibly a C++ editor and does not have the point and click capabilities of Delphi Turbo, is this true ?

4. the sample SMA you include in FT demo, is this only editable with Delhi Turbo or C++ editor ? In which case I would have to learn C++ or buy a Delphi Professional Development suite

5. Embarcadero (reseller of Delphi) says that Delphi Professional Ed. is equivalent to Delphi Turbo (actually much more powerful), is this true ? It costs $900

6. Have you found another Delphi Turbo replacement ?

Solved - I found the Lazarus sticky and the API lesson 1

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