Instructions for getting Lazarus to work with Forex Tester

Examples step by step how to make your own automated strategy or user indicator
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Instructions for getting Lazarus to work with Forex Tester

#1 Postby irwa82 » Sun Mar 05, 2023 3:43 am


After much experimentation and research I have gotten Forex Tester to work with Lazarus compiled strategies etc.

I have created a youtube video demonstrating this at

Link for downloading fpcupdeluxe for install newer releases of the free pascal compiler:

If Free Pascal 3.3.1 or new is the current stable version then you can use that instead of installing via the fpcupdeluxe method.

Below is the code that you add at the top of the forex tester provided files for developing delphi strategies, indicators and scripts.

Code: Select all

  {$DEFINE RTLVersion := 22}

The above code can be used even if you are compiling with delphi sometimes as delphi will ignore the compiler directives.

Hope this helps people out as it took me a couple of days of researching and experimenting to get this to work.


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