Delphi compiler problem - not creating functional Indicator.dll files

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Delphi compiler problem - not creating functional Indicator.dll files

#1 Postby Lonesome » Fri Jan 13, 2017 10:32 pm

I have 3 Delphi compilers installed in Win 8.1. My Win 8.1 is running in Parallels Desktop in Mac OSX. The compilers are TurboDelphi, Delphi7 and Embarcadero Delphi 10.1 Berlin Starter version.
With all 3 compilers I have created ExpertAdvisors that work perfectly in FT2 and FT3.

Recently I started to program an Indicator. With all 3 compilers I am able to create Indicator.dll file. However, none of the Indicator.dll files is working in FT2 and FT3.
To test this I used the ATR script provided with FT3.

I pinpointed the problem to an issue with the Graphics.pas file. I found an interesting, but impractical, workaround.
If I, after each compilation, rotate between two different 2006 version Graphics.pas files, placed in the project folder, can I create a ATR Indicator with Delphi7 that work in FT3.
One of the Graphics.pas files is a Delphi7 version and the other is a Borland BDS version.

Does anybody have seen a similar problem creating Indicators?
Does anybody have an idea how to overcome the above described problem?

The programmers at Forex Tester can consistently create functional Indicators. And they do not know what causes my problem.
Now, either they have a rare Delphi compiler installation or perhaps there is a problem with my Win 8.1. Otherwise I cannot explain why all 3 of my compilers don't create functional Indicators.
But then, the fact that Graphics.pas is at the core of the problem indicates that it may well be a purely Delphi compiler issue and not related to Win 8.1.
I don't know enough about the workings of Delphi compilers to solve this issue. I definitely need some help with this problem.

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