20 reasons to enjoy the advantages of the Forex Tester 3.0 version

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20 reasons to enjoy the advantages of the Forex Tester 3.0 version

#1 Postby FX Helper » Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:51 am

When releasing the new version of the Forex Tester software, we have launched a wide variety of changes to make the process of backtesting even more comfortable, fast and precise for the traders.

1. Using the previous version of Forex Tester 2 you felt compelled to switch from “History” to “Testing” mode. In the new version, we have combined them into one easy to use user-friendly mode.

2. Once you start a new project in Forex Tester 3 with a button “New Project”, the program will automatically generate the list of currencies, time shift, initial deposit, currency settings and data range in one window. You have only to pick the settings you need. You do not need to switch between different windows to make all settings for the new project as it used to be in Forex Tester 2.

3. Now you can save every your project with all settings as list of currencies, time shift, initial deposit, currency settings and the range of data.
Once you open the saved project, the program will generate ticks and all settings automatically, so you do not have to do this every time manually.
Moreover, you have an opportunity now to save the part of the projects you want to focus on.
Return to any of the saved projects, analyze them and learn from them.

4. If you had hard times downloading historical data for every currency pair in Forex Tester 2, you probably know it could take quite a time and sometimes could turn out to be confusing.
In Forex Tester 3 we have solved this problem and made this process as fast as it can be – you can download the historical data for all symbols you need at the same time. No need to restart the downloading or to check the progress, the program will do it instead of you.

5. To add up to previous issue – now with Forex Tester 3 you can download the whole volume of data and the download process will be performed faster because of the multiple streams we have added.

6. One more valuable feature was added – the Save\Load Desktop function as the possibility to save all charts with all settings on your local disk so you can load it in any time in future.

7. If you have used the Profit Chart in Forex Tester 2, you would be happy to learn that now you can add numerous Profit Charts instead of one as it was before. In addition, you can apply any drawing tools and Templates to the Profit Chart as to any other kind of chart. Inspect even the minor fluctuations of your deposit with the help of the convenient bar line. For greater convenience, use the crosshair.

8. We have increased the number of the automated EAs in Forex Tester 3 unlike the one we have offered in Forex Tester 2. Now you can enjoy the benefits of 5 the most widely used strategies for the automated testing and leave all the boring job to the software.

9. Once you set the time shift for a currency pair in Forex Tester 3, be sure the program will apply it automatically to all currency pairs of the project. This way you do not need to regulate the time shift manually for every currency pair as in Forex Tester 2. Save your precious time and efforts.

10. In the new version of the Forex Tester 3 you can drag and drop the Stop Loss and Take profit settings at the chart directly for the maximum convenience of the backtesting.

11. We have invented the possibility to move the individual chart to an individual screen, just follow the menu “Window -> Cascade” and drag and drop the chart where you want to.

12. If you are a Renko bar lover and constantly use this instrument for the market analysis, now you can find this useful tool in Forex Tester 3. We know that many traders enjoy the benefits of using this tool for the market predictions, so we could not stay aside and we reacted numerous queries about Renko bars.

13. Forget about inconveniences about issuing registration keys for Forex Tester 2, when it was attached to your Hardware ID. We provide the Forex Tester 3 with a master key, so in the case you change your Hardware ID, you can use your current license key to immediately re-register the software.

14. When you use some options more often than another, it would be great to create hot keys to perform the highly repeated actions easier and faster. With our new version of the Forex Tester, you have an opportunity to customize all the needed hot keys to personalize the Forex Tester for you as much as possible.
Hot keys can be adjusted via “Tools → Options → Hot keys” menu.

15. Another great tool to personalize the Forex Tester 3 for your needs is the possibility to detach and drag any panels or chart windows.

16. We have add up some new graphical elements, actually many of them to make a Forex Tester 3 even more user-friendly instrument than before. Now you can take the advantages of using Signs:
Thumb Up; Thumb Down; Arrow Up; Arrow Down; Check Sign; Stop Sign; Left Price Label; Right Price Label; Price Label; Linear Regression Channel.

17. In our Forex Tester 3 version we have introduced the number of the significant changes to the program’s interface:
• Added fast timeframe switching buttons to the toolbar
• Check the indicator value just clicking the big point on it with a mouse
• Added the leverage input in the “Symbol settings” menu
• Fixed chart scale of 1 pixel x 1 point in the “Chart settings” dialog
• The “Maximum drawdown” value will be saved and restored with the project settings
• Big system fonts support
• You can fix the bar number to see its values in the “Data window”, so it will not be affected by the mouse movement.

18. Our users struggled with the data that contained a large number of price changes within a particular bar. This happened when you tried to test historical data on indexes or if you have downloaded the 1-hour Forex data form other resources. In these two cases, Forex Tester 2 wasn’t able to provide you with adequate volumes. In Forex Tester 3, this problem has been successfully resolved.

19. In our new version of Forex Tester we have fixed the bugs that popped out while using the Forex Tester 2:
• Unnecessary jumping to the start / end of the chart after switching to another time frame.
• Necessity to generate ticks for the same currency pairs in order to create a new project.
• Absence of the vertical chart scroll
• Absence of the comments within order tab and after the history export
• Duplication of graphical elements (if you need to draw exactly the same graphical element, you can just right click on it and duplicate it in a few clicks. This should save your time significantly).

20. The last, but not the least…Our aim is to improve our product constantly, so this way we can cover the needs of the every user. Therefore, we make every effort to upgrade our software to a maximum level.

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