line drawing that snaps movements to 90 degree angles

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line drawing that snaps movements to 90 degree angles

#1 Postby Skipper » Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:18 pm


I have a suggestion for a new feature or object. I would like to be able to visually draw horizontal and vertical lines that have a beginning and ending. It would be similar to the "trendline" object in FT3 but as the rubber band stretches it snaps my movements to 90 degree angles. The drafting program Autocad has something similar to this when they set the line drawing to ortho mode, but I would like to have an object totally separate from the "trendline "object as I plan to create hotkeys for each.
Here is a video of how it would sort of work but I don't want a polyline. I only want to have to click twice(once at the beginning and once at the ending after I've stretched it horizontally or vertically far enough).

(Edit 1: Also, it would be helpful if the 90 degree snap property was maintained after the line was completed so that if I wanted to go back and double click on it and stretch one end further it would still maintain the 90 degree snap. Sort of like when you want to go back and stretch a previously drawn rectangle, the vertical/horizontal lines of the box still stay straight while being stretched.

Edit 2: Just to keep it simple, it would be enough if it only snaps to the horizontal. So we could manually draw horizontal lines with a beginning and an end that we can later extend in either horizontal direction, with the horizontal snap engaged, if needed. That would be sufficient and probably a lot simpler to code.)

Also, another idea would be to set the text to bold for the mouse pointer's date/time location at the bottom of the screen. Currently it's difficult to read. The date/time text for the most recent candle is about right in size and boldness though.

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Re: line drawing that snaps movements to 90 degree angles

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