New update to version 2.1

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New update to version 2.1

#1 Postby Terranin » Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:26 pm

Released new update to version 2.1.
This is a free update for everyone who purchased version 2.

Changes in version 2.1:

1. New version can be installed over previous version (2.0), all settings, templates and projects will be saved during installation.

2. Added new option to autoupdate program over internet (see menu Help -> Check for updates). Program also can check for updates every week automatically. This mode can be adjusted in menu Tools -> Options -> Updates. Program will download and install updates automatically, all current settings, templates and projects will be saved.

3. Procedures of Loading/Saving projects were reprogrammed to avoid some mistakes and provide better speed.

4. Added new tool - Strategy optimizer (see menu Tools -> Strategy Optimizer).

5. On double click with mouse at position in "Open positions"/"Pending orders" lists, Data window will show information about a bar, where this position was opened.

6. Indicator Pivot Points was reprogrammed to show weekly, monthly and yearly pivots.

7. Fixed error in Statement Processor strategy.

8. Added new functions to strategies' API to get current time (time of the last received tick) and to change buffer style of the created indicator.

9. Added new option to install automatic strategies without restarting program. (see menu File -> Install New Strategy)

10. There are 14 major currency pairs installed in new setup with 1 month of history for each. But they will be installed only if you do clear installation (not over previous version).
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