New update for version 2.2

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New update for version 2.2

#1 Postby Terranin » Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:06 pm

Released new update to version 2.2.
This is a free update for everyone who purchased version 2.0 or 2.1

Changes in version 2.2:

1. Added one more step to scale charts (to see bigger bars).

2. Added ability to add/withdraw money to/from deposit during testing (see menu Orders).

3. Added new option to set fixed grid size (in points) for charts (see dialog Chart Settings -> Chart Options).

4. Added new option to clear old history before importing new bars in Import History Data dialog.

5. Now program saves a screen shot with a project to help a user to find it easily in Open Project dialog.

6. Fixed bug with processing statements in Statement Processor tool.

7. Added auto scrolling in Journal.

8. Added web form to request a registration key in Register Program dialog. You can request new registration key in case of changing your computer or reformatting hard drive there (when your HardwareID had changed).

9. Fixed bug with Data window - it showed incorrect values for indicators that used shifted by some bars buffers.

10. Fixed bug with project loading when profit chart was not restored.

11. Fixed bug with clearing Journal.
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