Update for version 2.6

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Update for version 2.6

#1 Postby Terranin » Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:39 pm

Released new update to version 2.6.
This is a free update for everyone who purchased version 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5.

Changes in version 2.6:

We started a new data service to collect 1-minute and tick data from different brokers!

1. We started a new data service to collect 1-minute and tick data from different brokers with the next import to Forex Tester. Now, you do not need to manually download all history from our site and import it into the program. Forex Tester can do it automatically.

- Basic version of the data service (free for all registered users) allows to update 1-minute history from the broker Forexsite, which we uploaded to our site for manual update. These data will be updated every month (like we did before), but the program will be able to download and import them automatically. Also, we added a new option to update just the missing part of the history from the previous update, so you do not need to update all the history for 10 years every time. You can update only 1 month since the previous update (the program will detect the missing period and update it automatically) or request the data for any period of time. The option to downlod history from a file (like in previous versions) still remains.

- The second part of the service with more options are available with a monthly subscription. For a small monthly fee you can get the next options:

* Update historical data every day.
* You can get data from different brokers.
* You can get real tick data from different brokers.

You can get more information about data service here.

2. According to this, we made the following changes in the program:

* The "Symbol list" dialog was deleted.
* The "Data center" dialog was added (File -> Data Center), we gathered all the functions related to historical data processing in this dialog, such as: adding/deleting/editing of the currency symbol properties, tick generation, import/export of the historical data, updating history from our server.
* Added a new function to clear historical data to this dialog.
* After deleting some currency symbol, its history will be deleted from the disk as well.
* You can see the history quality indicators in this dialog (holes in history).
* Added a new option to make time shift without reimporting history.

3. You can import real tick data into Forex Tester now, that makes testing quality 100% precise.

4. A new API for scripts was added! Now you can write your scripts like strategies, and assign for them the hotkeys Ctrl + ... for a fast executing during testing. For example, you can write a script for placing few pending orders with different parameters at once, and then execute it with one button. You can see new scripts window in the Market Info window -> Scripts tab. The API files are located in <FT>\Examples\Scripts\. The scripts have the same functions set like strategies, except the option to create indicators.

5. Added a new option to place an indicator to many timeframes at the same time. See the "Time Frames" tab in the indicator properties dialog when you place it on the chart.

6. Added a new option to close a position partially. You can access it through the context menu with the right mouse click on the open position in the Terminal window.

7. The fixed bug that appeared while moving the "Ray" graphic tool.

8. In API files for the Borland Delphi type "string" was changed to "AnsiiString" for compatibility with a new Delphi version that uses Unicode strings.
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