Update to version 2.8

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Update to version 2.8

#1 Postby Terranin » Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:46 pm

Released new update to version 2.8
This is a free update for everyone who purchased version 2.0 - 2.7.

Changes in version 2.8:

1. Now for graphical tools you have an opportunity to define on which time frames they can be visible.

2. Added new graphical tools: new icons on the toolbar.

3. Now like in Meta Trader to copy graphical tools just press and hold Ctrl, while dragging the mouse.

4. Added new feature: To remove weekends data in "Import from server" and "Import from a file" dialog windows. If you check this checkbox then historical data, that fall to weekends, will be removed from history while importing.

5. Fibo retracement lines will be visible even if fibo tool is out of a screen.

6. Text labels on fibo lines have the color of the corresponding line now.

7. The list of applied indicators has been added to the chart context menu.

8. HardwareID number and "copy to clipboard" button are added to the "About program" dialog.

9. Inactive timeframes control bug (under some circumstances) was fixed.

10. Problems with trailing stops were fixed.

11. Deleting or editing of the symbol in Data Center bug was fixed.

12. Added new procedure: ObjectGetText to get object's description (previously set with ObjectSetText) to the API.

13. New objects - Rectangle, Ellipse and Triangle were added to the API.
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