Forex Tester 4 is already here!

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Forex Tester 4 is already here!

#1 Postby FX Helper » Wed May 29, 2019 2:44 am

Introducing the new Forex Tester 4!

Dozens of additional features and more than 800 new symbols are at your disposal!
Enjoy a new level of backtesting, using the service of historical news, money management functions, a Visual Strategy Builder and many other useful features.

What's new in Forex Tester 4?

* Visual strategy builder
The main goal of this tool is to enable traders, regardless of their programming skills or trading experience, to create an expert advisor that would fit their personal needs; change and improve as much as needed.
The idea is quite simple: you simply drag the necessary elements and get an expert advisor in two formats (for Forex Tester 4 and MetaTrader 4), which is ready to be downloaded.
Try it!

Where to find?
https: //

* Over 800 new symbols
In Forex Tester 4, we have included even more diverse symbols so that every trader can test various new symbols - stocks, futures, indices, and cryptocurrency!
More information about which symbols have been added can be found here https: //

* Historical news service
We have included the historical news service in Forex Tester 4 - Now you can check how significant political and economic events affect the Forex market.
We have created a news service for those traders who seek to find the causes of such huge market movements and base their trading decisions in accordance with them.

News can be found at the bottom of the chart. They are presented in the form of flags of the countries to which they belong.

* Calculation of risk when opening a transaction

Thanks to this function, you can not bother with calculations: now you have two options - specify the value of the lot manually or use the risk management function.
In the second case, Forex Tester 4 will calculate the value of the lot for you.

Where to find?

In the “New Market Order” and “New Pending Order” window you can find the field where you need to specify the level of risk.
Please note that you must also enter a Stop Loss value. You cannot open a trade without the specified Stop Loss value.
Based on the specified risk level and the Stop Loss value, the program automatically calculates the value of the lot allowed for this transaction.

* Ability to add broker commission

Our goal is to bring testing as close as possible to the conditions of real trading and imitate the market as much as possible. It was for this reason that it was necessary to include the brokers' commissions in the calculations - in order to make them more accurate.
When the transaction is closed, your profit will be displayed in the Account History. At the same time, the broker’s commission value will already be deducted.

* Notes and notebook
Now you can simply add a note to any event on the chart, and then move between the notes in a timely manner.

Where to find?

The “Notes” tab is located next to the “Journal” tab on the bottom panel below the graph. In this tab, you can create, edit, delete and search your notes.

* Timing of closing sessions (New York close / London close, etc.)

Do you trade in a time zone other than the London session? Do you want to create projects on time "New York close" or "Tokyo Close"? No problems! Now you can easily select a time zone and select one of the desired trading sessions.

To select the time settings, please go to “New project” → the “Time zone” field (the last window in the project creation form) → select the appropriate time zone.

* Advanced filters for statistics
In the new version of Forex Tester, you can use the excellent function of filtering trades in the “Account History” menu (click “Show filters”). Simplify the analysis of your transactions, grouping them by parameters such as:
• Date (Any Date; Opening Date; Closing Date; Opening Date OR Closing; Opening And Closing Date)
• Symbol (drop-down menu with all currency pairs involved in the project)
• Type (All; Purchase; Sale; Deposit; Withdrawal)
• Profit (All; Profit; Loss)

* Sync charts
All charts with the same currency pair can be synchronized in Forex Tester 4. Now, really scroll through multiple charts at the same time!

* Adding new data to the project
In Forex Tester 4, you can load new data into the project you are testing, wait until all ticks are generated, and continue the test. You don't even need to reload the project!

* And much more

Learn more about the new features included here:

How to upgrade to Forex Tester 4?
You can learn about all the upgrade options here:

How to buy Forex Tester 4?
All options for purchasing a program or bundles from the program and data, you can find here

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