Quick question about standard lot sizes

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Quick question about standard lot sizes

#1 Postby JJLL » Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:03 pm

I would like to setup FT to trade a lot size of 1.0 as a standard lot size. The only way I can do this now is if I enter a lot size of 10.

For example. A standard lot size of the EUR/USD = 10 USD per pip. In the attached screen shot, you will see trade number 3544. The trade has a lot size of 1.0

The trade reached its take profit of 755. The profit was 755.00

A standard lot size would have been 7,550.00

Am I missing something or setting up FT incorrectly? Is there a setting to change from a micro account to a standard?
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Re: Quick question about standard lot sizes

#2 Postby FX Helper » Mon Sep 16, 2019 5:33 am


Sorry, are you sure that this order should give 7550 USD of profit?

Here is the screenshot from the online calculator:

You can visit it by following this link:

As you can see, 755 USD is the correct profit value.

If you want to have 10 times bigger profits then please set Lot size=1 million instead of 100000 in the properties of the EURUSD symbol in the Data Center window.
Then create a new project and start a new test.

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