Resolved importing MT5 futures data problem

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Resolved importing MT5 futures data problem

#1 Postby foreman01 » Sun Sep 29, 2019 7:57 am

I am using FT3 here, not sure how things work in FT4)
My MT5 version came from AMP futures and uses CQG data.

1) Export MT5 minute data (futures data has a core 3 month window for most, then the data before and after is spotty and useless).

2) Load the exported CSV file into Notepad ++ (free download -- google it).

3) CHANGE THE ENCODING to either ANSI or UTF8, mine all came up as USC-2 LE BOM (whatever the F that is - and that was the main problem).
[You might also be able to open in excel and then save as DOS text or UTF8 - and perhaps your data will not be in some strange encoding]

4) ALSO use search and replace (from Notepad++ to replace all spaces with commas (the only space is between date and time - and that was the other problem)
[you can probably use excel for this as well. Regular notepad might also work once your encoding is ANSI or UTF8]

5) from here just follow FT import procedure with these settings: Date Format YYYY.MM.DD ; comma, date, time, open, high, low, close, vol, skip, skip, skip

Hope this helps.
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