Forex Tester 2.9. update

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Forex Tester 2.9. update

#1 Postby FT Support » Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:10 am

Released new update to version 2.9
This is a free update for everyone who purchased version 2.0 - 2.8.

Changes in version 2.9:

1. We added full support of Range Bars into Forex Tester. Now you can open charts with range bars and they will behave like Forex Tester's regular charts. You can add indicators there, paint tools and apply templates. All other chart functions are also available (except step forward by single bar/step backward by single bar in Pause mode).

2. Restriction on maximum 5 parameters for optimization was removed from Strategy optimizer. Now you can optimize strategies using more then 5 parameters.

3. New event handlers OnPause and OnTestCompleted were added into strategies API.

4. Added new tool - linear regression channel.

5. "System Error 5" bug was fixed.

6. Bug that happened some times during the exiting from Forex Tester was fixed.
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