List of new features for version 2

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List of new features for version 2

#1 Postby Terranin » Sun Mar 30, 2008 1:07 am

I receive a lot of suggestions for new features that users would like to see in Forex Tester, and I should say that many of them are already planned for new second version of Forex Tester. I am working on this version now.

So here it is the list (I can not remember all of them right now, but will update this list time by time):


1. Multiwindow interface. The main and most demanded feature. It will be possible to open many windows of different currencies and different timeframes of one currency at the same time.

2. Indicator over indicator at the same window.

3. Drawing in an oscillator window. User will be able to paint lines and other graphical objects in an oscillator window like on the main chart.

4. User timeframes. User will be able to modify list of timeframes, add his own timeframes (even like 38 min, 13 min) and delete useless to him to speed up testing.

5. Tick by tick testing mode. Now the smallest step is 1 minute, it will be possible to see every tick price update.

6. Will add parameter to set minimum distance to price where user can set an order. Now this distance equals to spread.

7. New paint instruments like boxes, ellipses and freehand paint will be added after release of version 2.

8. Yes, yes, I remember to make dividers between main chart and oscillator windows thicker...

9. Improvements to saving/loading projects.

10. It will be possible to choose how to work with positions - to open new positions or to partially close single position.

11. User will be able to choose on which timeframes to make instrument visible and invisible on others. (for lines, fibonacci tools, etc)

12. Will be possible to work not only with currency pairs but also with other instruments like indices, stocks.

13. Will be added window for indicator values, to see all indicators' values for the current chart in form of table.

14. Option to add/withdraw deposit during testing.
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