How To Run Forex Tester Simulator On A Mac

Use Forex Tester Simulator on Macbook (MacOS) 

forex simulator for mac

As you know, Forex Tester was only available for Windows for a long time. Macbook users could not download the program and freely use Forex Tester to backtest their strategies. It was unfortunate, we know. That's why we have prepared a solution for you. Here's how you can use Forex Tester on MacOS.


Parallels Desktop — Your Key to Forex Simulator for Mac

Parallels Desktop is the most convenient way to run Forex Tester simulator for Mac.

Parallels Desktop is a virtualization software that enables users to run multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, simultaneously on a Mac computer. It works by creating a virtual machine, a software-based emulation of a computer, within the macOS operating system. This allows users to install and run other operating systems and their applications as if they were running on separate hardware.

Simply put, you install a virtual operating system inside your operating system. This way, you can run Forex Tester for Windows while continuing to use your MacBook with MacOS.


How to Download Forex Tester for Macbook


Step 1: Download Parallels Desktop and install Windows there

Watch this video guide if you need help with downloading and installation.


Step 2: Run the program

Now you can start the program either from the Start Menu or from the desktop shortcut, if available. You can now use the program within the Windows environment on your Mac.


Step 3: Download Forex Tester

Now, that you have created a virtual Windows environment, you can safely install Forex Tester on your virtual Windows.

Those steps will help you to use Forex Tester 6 on Mac computers with Apple silicon.

1. Run the program as an administrator,
2. Properties -> Compatibility tab-> Change emulation settings -> Use advanced settings -> Strict self-modifying code support -> Ok.

You can find more information here.

After installation, you will be able to use Forex Tester through Parallels Desktop and freely backtest your trading strategies.


Alternatively, you can also try Forex Tester Online (FTO). It is available online in a browser from any operating system, including MacOS.


Join FTO Beta testing to get access


Your Discount Coupon

Mac users receive an additional 10% discount on Forex Tester license!

1. Copy the Forex Tester coupon code FTONMAC.

2. Head over to the Forex Tester purchase page.

3. Select the Forex Tester package that suits you and click "Buy Forex Tester" or "Buy Forex Tester & Data"

4. Paste the copied Forex Tester coupon code in the 'Coupon Code' box at the checkout.

5. Enjoy the best Forex backtesting software for Mac!

forex simulator for mac


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