Get your reward of being a Leading Trader [Forex Partner Program]

All You Need to Know About Our Forex Partner Program and How to Profit From It

Another way to succeed with our Forex partnership program is to sell Forex Tester as a Partner. Any kind of our referral program - either you decide to join as an Affiliate, Partner or Reseller - can positively influence your incomes.

Many partners find the Partner program to be the most efficient and productive for the needs of their business.

How does the Forex Partner Program work?

After becoming a member of our Partner program, we provide your customers with special landing page. There is the example of such a page: special

You provide your customers with this link, so they are redirected to your landing page with the special prices you set on your own discretion. This is how your customers will be able to buy the Forex Tester Software along with the high-quality data service for a much smaller price.

Once your customer makes a purchase from your landing page, you get the commission at your account.

What advantages does the Forex Partner program provide?

To comfort all your needs, except the average landing pages, we can also offer different ways to customize your landing page, so it will provide your customers with more detailed information about you, your services or any other information you want to share with your clients.

This way you may find the Forex Partner program more targeting and precise to hit the audience of your future customers. Moreover, comparing to the Affiliate program, you can range your income with the settings of your price for our products.

How much can I make?

You will get commissions from each purchase. The size of the commission will be calculated as the difference between the end-user price and our part of the price.

Forex Tester will be offered on our website at a regular price of $299. On occasion, we will offer promotional prices.

Our Price (The price on our official site) Your Price (The price for your customers) Your Commission
Regular sales period $299 $269 $269 - $199 (our part) = $70 from each sale
Promotional sales period $199 $179 $179 - $129 (our part) = $50 from each sale
Promotional sales period $149 $139 $139 - $99 (our part) = $40 from each sale

Disclaimer: our calculations are approximate and is just an estimate and not a guarantee. Please, note we do not take into account the bank fees.

How to register for Forex Partner program?

We perceive Forex Partner Program tend to be more personalized kind of partnership as well as Forex Reseller Program, therefore, to register for it, please contact our e-mail: This way our support team will lead you through all details to make the Partner Program more beneficial for you.

What are the key tools to maximize my profits?

You can promote your landing page through any marketing instrument using the same tools as we have listed for the Affiliate Program:

  • Numerous banners we provide for your Forex related site or blog;
  • Posts at any kind of social network, forums, communities of traders;
  • Newsletters service;
  • YouTube channel if you have any (if you don’t, maybe you can consider to start one);
  • Other innovative and reliable sources to share your impressions about our product.

However, as you may perceive Forex Partner program as a more personal approach to hit the targeting audience, you can probably add the ‘personal contacts’ to the list of the promotional tools. If you participate the seminars, lections, workshops or master classes, feel free to share your impression on Forex Tester and your landing page link with your audience.

Note: we sincerely care about your and our business reputation, so for this reason we have invented the Anti-Spam Policy. Be aware that we do not tolerate the spam as well as the AdWords materials, as it can affect our company image and this way it can provide wrong impression about the quality of our product.


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