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Welcome to New Forex Tester. We are deeply committed to the continuous improvement of our product, always aiming to enhance your user experience.

Improved Indicator Templates

First off, indicator templates are now super reliable and visually enhanced. Your eyes will thank you.

Editing Graphic Tools and Indicators

Wanna tweak something? Double-click on your graphic tools or indicators and voilà, up comes the edit menu.

Improved Reward-to-Risk Tool

The Reward-to-Risk tool got smarter. Stats only show up when you actually want to see them. No more visual clutter!

Adding Text to Lines and Saving with Templates

You can now add text to your trend lines and vertical/horizontal lines, and save them with a template.

Template Overwrite

Overwriting existing templates? Yep, that's a thing now.

Testing Speed Control

Manage your testing speed with simple shortcuts: '1' to pause, '2' to slow down, and '3' to speed up. You're in control!

Level Up Your Trading & Shape Forex Tester's Future!

Dive into detailed changelogs, absorb crucial trading insights, and actively engage with fellow traders. Your ideas could be the next big feature in upcoming releases!

Free Upgrade from Previous Versions

  • FT5 license key works for the new version as well;
  • If you want to upgrade from previous versions, please contact our support team to get the new license key.

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