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19 features of Forex Tester 3 that will speed up your strategy backtesting and upraise your Forex training

Forex Tester 2 vs Forex Tester 3 comparison table

Feature Forex Tester 2 Forex Tester 3
Simplified mode system History + Testing modes One aggregate mode
Automated ticks generation Uses 1 core of your PC’s processor Utilizes all processors cores for speeding up the testing
Keep all testing parameters in the projects Time consuming five-step process One-step process
Number of simultaneous currency pairs for downloading 1 pair at a time Any number of pairs at a time
Increased data downloading and processing speed Single-threaded data downloading Multi-threaded data downloading
Profile (desktop) saving
Smart Profit Chart for analyzing the strategy’s performance Only main features Features to perform detailed analysis
Automated time shift for all of the project's currency pairs
Number of built-in EAs for automated testing 1 More than 5
Easily move SL/TP levels of pending orders with the mouse - Save time on placing and changing orders
Use our trading simulator software on multiple monitors Any number of monitors
New, more user-friendly software registration scheme - Faster and easier
Renko bars
Organizing of the workspace based on preferences - New doc-interface where you can detach, merge and move any window or tab
Shows real number of ticks Not always Always
Hotkeys for all functions Only preset hotkeys Assign custom hotkeys to any functions to quicken your Forex training
New graphical tools for analysis and chart markup Lines, waves, Fibo, shapes Lines, waves, Fibo, shapes + signs, thumbs up & down, arrows, price labels
Other user interface improvements - 7
Accelerated testing process - Software works faster with the same computer capabilities
Comments Add comments to the orders for more quickly finding and analyzing
Undo most long-term operations (especially useful when downloading data from the server) - Allows you to instantaneously correct mistakes
List of objects - Simplified access to the search, editing and deleting of the graphical objects

How we made Forex training even more easier for you

1. One mode instead of two

In Forex Tester 2 trading simulator users usually required some extra time in order to understand the purpose of the "History" and "Testing" modes. If you also had a hard time comprehending what those modes were all about, you can forget about them once and for all, because in Forex Tester 3 they will be merged into one simple mode for simplifying and accelerating your testing activities.

Forex Tester 3: one mode instead of two to simplify the testing

2. Automated ticks generation

In Forex Tester 2, a trader had to face several inconveniences in order to open a new project:

  • Switch to “History mode
  • Regenerate the ticks
  • Make sure that the data periods are the same in both data and tick windows
  • Switch to “Testing mode
  • Start the Test
  • Save the Project

All these issues are solved in Forex Tester 3 - you just need to open a new project using a special button. The above-mentioned inconveniences will be covered by our trading simulator automatically so you do not have to worry about them.

In Forex Tester 3, all test settings including the list of currencies, time shift, initial deposit, currency settings and data range will be covered within a project.

Forex Tester 3: start new project with one click

3. Keep all testing settings in the projects

- All the testing settings, including list of currencies, time shift, initial deposit, currency settings and the range of data can be altered and saved in projects.

- Easy switching between the projects.

Opening projects in Forex Tester trading simulator

- No need to re-generate the ticks and remember that you have to generate them for some currency pairs.

- All settings of Forex trading simulator will be restored and ticks will be generated automatically when you open the project.

4. Downloading data for multiple pairs at once

Imagine the following situation: you need to download the free data for the last 20 years on 18 symbols (16 currency pairs, gold and silver quotes). In Forex Tester 2 you had to start downloading 1 currency pair at a time, and then return to some of your regular things (you probably won’t sit during the next 20 minutes in front of your monitor, staring at how the progress bar advances).

Suppose that, after 30 minutes you recall that you were downloading the data. You open your Forex Tester 2 once again and keep downloading the data on the next symbol. An hour later, you remember that you need to download the third currency pair, etc. Thus, data download can easily take up the entire day or even several days.

The downloading process in Forex Tester 3 is totally different: it has become much easier and less time consuming. Put it to downloading all of your currency pairs and in a few hours, the process is over.

Forex Tester 3: download data for a couple of pairs at once

5. Save time while downloading and processing data

The download process in Forex Tester 3 has become much faster. In this version, the data may be downloaded into multiple streams instead of one, as it was in the previous version.

6. Saving the profile

Before you start the test, it is often necessary to keep all of your current charts just as they are at that moment. Forex Tester 2 had Projects and Templates features only for organizing your workspace. In Forex Tester 3 one more valuable feature was added to them: the Save / Load Desktop function, which preserves the desktop and allows for structuring your charts in the desired position.

Forex Tester 3: save your results by saving the desctop

7. Smart Profit Chart for analyzing the strategy’s performance

  • In Forex Tester 3 trading simulator, the profit chart functions like any other chart. Equity line is now represented in the convenient form of bars, so you can see every tiny change of your deposit.
Forex Tester 3: track the changes of the deposit with the Profit Chart
  • All drawing tools and templates have become applicable to the Profit chart as well.
  • You can open any number of profit charts, rather than just one, as it was in Forex Tester 2.
  • For greater convenience use the crosshair.
Forex Tester 3: cross hair at Profit Chart

8. Automated time shift for all of the project's currency pairs

In Forex Tester 2, traders could change the time shift only for each individual currency. In Forex Tester 3, time shift is set in the projects themselves, significantly accelerating the process of preparation for the test.

Forex Tester 3: adjust the time zone according to your needs

9. Built-in EAs

Do not know what to start with your Forex training?

Automated strategies provide traders with outstanding possibilities to save tremendous time and efforts. Instead of testing a trading system manually, one can simply click several buttons and switch to another task. A few hours later, you can return to the test and analyze the results – all the routine and boring jobs will be done by the software. In Forex Tester 2, we gave away just 1 EA, whereas Forex Tester 3 will contain 3 of the most common and useful trading systems for automated testing. In the future, we will add more EAs that will satisfy various testing needs.

Forex Tester 3: start your trading with built-in EAs

10. Drag & drop stop loss, take profit and pending orders

Now you can drag and drop the pending order, stop loss and take profit lines directly on the chart in order to change their values instantly. This feature speeds up and simplifies the use of the software even more.

Forex Tester 3: drag and drop the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels easy

11. Multiple monitors support

Traders who work with multiple monitors often complained about the impossibility of placing each individual chart on its own individual screen. This important issue has been successfully resolved in Forex Tester 3 trading simulator. Now you can freely move any number of windows to an unlimited number of monitors.

Navigate to the “Window -> Cascade” menu and simply drag and drop the necessary windows to the required locations.

Forex Tester 3: move any number of windows easily

12. New, more convenient registration scheme

In Forex Tester 2, a registration key was attached to your computer’s Hardware ID. In case your Hardware ID became changed (for instance, when you reinstall the operating system), you had to ask a new key and wait for our system to generate it. In Forex Tester 3, you will be provided with a master key, so the key requesting process will occur automatically.

13. Renko bars

One of the most frequently asked questions related to Forex Tester’s indicators was the question of the Renko bars implementation. We are glad to announce that this tool will be available in Forex Tester 3, and you will be able to expand the range of tools for the analysis and backtesting to even greater limits.

14. Organize your workspace according to your preferences

If you feel you need to arrange the workspace in a different way, in Forex Tester 3 trading simulator you can feel free to:

  • Detach any panel or chart window.
  • Drag it anywhere you want.
  • Merge it with other panels.

15. It shows real tick volumes

Our users struggled with the data that contained a large number of price changes within a particular bar. This happened when you tried to test historical data on indexes or if you have downloaded the 1-hour Forex data form other resources. In these two cases, Forex Tester 2 wasn’t able to provide you with adequate volumes. In Forex Tester 3, this problem has been successfully resolved.

16. Customizable hot keys

Have you ever wanted to assign one of the most common actions that you used regularly to some hot key combination? In Forex Tester 3, you do have such an opportunity. It is impossible for the developers to forecast every single action you are about to take because this action will vary depending on the user’s trading style and strategy. Save your valuable time and efforts with customizable hot keys on our trading simulator. Therefore, you can spend the saved time for Forex trading training. Hot keys can be adjusted via “Tools → Options → Hot keys” menu.

Forex Tester 3: wide variety of adjustable hot keys

17. New graphical elements

In addition, we added some new graphical tools that our users asked for on a regular basis:

  • Signs
  • Thumb Up
  • Thumb Down
  • Arrow Up
  • Arrow Down
  • Check Sign
  • Stop Sign
  • Left Price Label
  • Right Price Label
  • Price Label
  • Linear Regression Channel

18. 7 important user interface changes

  • Fast timeframe switching buttons were added to the toolbar
  • Current indicator value will be highlighted on mouse hover with a big point on the indicator line
  • Added the leverage input in the “Symbol settings” menu
  • You can fix the bar number to see its values in the “Data window”, so it will not be affected by the mouse movement
  • Fixed chart scale of 1 pixel x 1 point in the “Chart settings” dialog
  • The “Maximum drawdown” value will be saved and restored with the project settings
  • Big system fonts support

19. Important bugs that were fixed in Forex Tester 3

  • Unnecessary jumping to the start / end of the chart after switching to another time frame.

Let’s assume that you uploaded the data and generated the ticks from Oct 1, 2005 till Oct 1, 2009. For example, you were examining the chart on Nov 11, 2007 and a H4 time frame. Afterwards you switched the chart to any other time frame (say on H1). You will see the last candlesticks of your data period that are from Oct 1, 2009 and not the necessary Nov 11, 2007.

  • Necessity to generate ticks for the same currency pairs in order to create a new project.

You downloaded the data on EURUSD and generated the ticks for this currency pair. If you decide to create a new project for the same pair then you have to generate the ticks anew.

  • Absence of the vertical chart scroll
  • Absence of the comments within order tab and after the history export

Comments are perfect tools that help you to recall why you opened or modified the order. It might be obvious now but a few trades later, you will not be able to refresh the reasons for your trading behavior. In Forex Tester 3, you will have access to your comments in all of your order tabs.

  • Duplication of graphical elements

In Forex Tester 2, when you created several graphical elements with different properties (such as color, border size and so on) and then tried to duplicate any element, the properties of the last created object were applied to this new element.


  1. You create an orange rectangle
  2. You create a blue rectangle
  3. You duplicate the first orange rectangle but the color and border of the duplicated shape have the properties of the last one (in our case, the blue rectangle)
Forex Tester 3: important bugs fixed

In Forex Tester 3 trading simulator, if you need to draw exactly the same graphical element, you can just right click on it and duplicate it in a few clicks. This should save your time significantly.