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Forex Tester 2 allows you not only to test your trading strategy but to recreate the whole Forex market using real historical data and realistically simulating market conditions.

Forex Tester 2 comes with these features:

  • History + Testing modes;
  • 118 symbols;
  • Automated trading via a built-in Expert Advisor;
  • Easy software registration scheme;
  • New graphical tools for analysis and chart markup: Lines, waves, Fibo, shapes;
  • Hotkeys for a convenient testing experience!

How can I move Forex Tester 2 to another machine?

Please do the following:

  1. Download Forex Tester 2 to your new computer: and install the software.
  2. Run Forex Tester 2.
  3. Go to Help → Register program menu.
  4. Choose "I do not have a registration key" and press "Next".
  5. Select "Yes, I already paid" and click "Next".
  6. Fill in the key request form in the next window. Choose the option "Old key does not work" as your reason for requesting the registration key. If you forgot some contact information, you can write “Don’t remember”.
  7. Press the "Request key" button.
  8. We will generate the registration key for you and send it via email within the next 24 hours (usually much faster).

Feature Forex Tester 2 Forex Tester 4
Simplified mode system History + Testing modes One aggregate mode
Automated ticks generation Uses 1 core of your PC’s processor Utilizes all processors cores for speeding up the testing
Easy Forex Builder no yes
Risk Calculation no 1-click risk management
Number of symbols 118 800+
Historical news service no yes
Chart Synchronization no yes
Number of built-in EAs for automated testing 1 5 + any EA from Easy Forex Builder
Software registration scheme easy even easier and more user-friendly
Accelerated testing process moderate speed the fastest
Add new data to the existing project no yes
Workspace organization - detach, merge and move any window or tab
Built-in notepad no yes
List of Objects - Simplified access to the search, editing and deleting of the graphical objects + copy objects
Hotkeys Only preset hotkeys Custom hotkeys for even more actions
Chart Synchronization no yes
Fundamental News no yes
Forward Testing possibilities no “Ordinary Testing” + “Forward Testing Only” mode
Export the Profit Chart to Excel no yes
Result Representation in money equivalent in money equivalent + in points
Time settings improvement - fundamental!