How to Profit of being a Forex Influencer [Forex Resellers Program]

The Ultimate Guide to Forex Reseller Program:
learn how to join the top level of Forex Referral Program

As any other product at the market, you will find it more profitable to purchase and sell several Forex Tester registration keys at a time. From this perspective, you might perceive the Forex Reseller Program as the most beneficial one out of other Forex referral programs.

How does the Forex Reseller Program work?

If you end up with the idea to join our Referral Program as a Reseller, then most likely you are a trader with a broad and trusted network of followers and clients. Being a Reseller, you can use the advantage of the wholesale purchase of the Forex Tester registration keys.

What advantages does the Forex Reseller Program provide?

The obvious advantage is the opportunity to buy the Forex Tester software for the lowest price possible and sell it with the price established on your own. This distinctive feature of this program guarantees the highest rates of the profit among all the Forex partnership programs we offer. Depending on the price of the product you establish and the number of the sold licenses, you can increase your income significantly.

Another key thing to mention: if you have experienced our Reseller Program before (selling the registration keys for Forex Tester 2/Forex Tester 3/Forex Tester 4), you will be happy to learn that we have improved the reselling process to make it more comfortable and easy for you and your clients:

  • The main change in our pricing policy is the introduction of “Credit” option. You do not have to buy registration keys ahead anymore. This way, you do not have to invest your money into buying Forex Tester licenses before you can sell them. Now you can sell the licenses first and then pay us.
  • Besides, we have added the “Balance” option to your account. “Balance” is the amount of money, which you have in the account in our system. Every time you issue a registration key for Forex Tester, your balance decreases by the price of the license.
  • We will ask you to pay your Balance once per month, or when its negative value is close to your “Credit”.
  • "Credit" is the maximum amount of money, which you can owe us. If you reach this negative amount in Balance, then the system will not allow taking registration keys for Forex Tester anymore. In other words, Credit allows you to request some number of registration keys before you pay us.
    For example, your Credit is set to $1150, this means that you can issue $1150/$115=10 registration keys for Forex Tester during promotional period until you have to pay us.
  • Another significant change we made: in order to issue a registration key for Forex Tester you do not have to get customer’s Hardware ID anymore. Therefore, you can issue the key right away when the customer pays you.

As you can see, constant improvements make our Reseller Program one of the best Forex partnership programs.

How much can I make?

For the resellers who just registered for our Reseller Program, we offer special prices: $175 for regular sales period and $115 for promotional sales period.

On our website, we will sell Forex Tester for $299 during regular periods and for $199/149 during promo periods.

Our Price Your Purchase Price Your Profit
Regular sales period $299 $175 $269 (your approx. selling price) - $175 = $94 from each sale
Promotional sales period $199/$149 $115 $179 (your approx. selling price) -$115 = $64 from each sale

Disclaimer: we listed the calculations with the approximate selling prices of yours, however, you can establish any price you find considerable enough. Our calculations are approximate and is just an estimate and not a guarantee. Please, note we do not take into account bank fees.

How to register for Reseller Program?

Similarly with the Partner Program, the Reseller Program tend to be more personalized kind of partnership, therefore, to register for it, please contact our e-mail: This way our support team will lead you through all details to make the Resellers Program more beneficial for you.

What are the key tools to maximize my profits?

You can promote our product in any way you may find efficient for you, using the promoting tools we have listed for Affiliate Program and Partner Program. Feel free to find your way to encourage your customers and boost your profits through the Reseller Program.

Note: we sincerely care about your and our business reputation, so for this reason we have invented the Anti-Spam Policy. Be aware that we do not tolerate the spam as well as the AdWords materials, as it can affect our company image and this way it can provide wrong impression about the quality of our product.


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