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Forex manual backtesting means scrolling the chart backward and moving forward bar after a bar from the chosen point. When it comes to checking the reliability of your strategy, there is no better way to do this rather than by manual backtesting. You could think that demo-trading is the apparent alternative way to try your trading logic without risking your hard-earned money and rumors say it is equally effective. But is it? Some consider demo-trading is linear and rather slow. The reason for that is having to sit through the whole process over and over for years to get the needed experience and solidify your strategy while manual backtesting allows you to open any currency pairs, charts, and timelines simultaneously with the ability to fast-forward the testing to get the most precise results. Basically, it’s years worth of experience in a couple of weeks.
Forex Tester was developed to serve as the most suitable manual backtesting software bringing all the tools for it, recreating the market environment piece by piece.

Manual backtesting does not require a program script and you control every trading operation. You can freely change the timeframe, pause/play/stop the process, control the visualization, speed-up or slow-down the chart, and much more!

During manual backtesting, your actions completely comply with real manual trading.

Load the history for all necessary assets, set the broker, edit the trade attributes to recreate the market environment as close as possible.

Manual backtesting allows you to proceed one bar by another, so you can go back and analyze the situation whenever you need to.

And you can switch to automatic testing at any time!

Manual backtesting gives access to:

  • additional adjustment of any parameters
  • add graphical figures and methods of technical analysis
  • control the testing speed
  • go to any specific data manually and check the market attitude at any conditions
  • check the methodology during difficult situations: opening/closing of the market/session, speculation moments, non-standard situations, etc.

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