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Top materials about Forex backtesting [All in one place]

Why backtesting Forex makes sense?

The importance of backtesting is so often overlooked by Forex traders. And that’s understandable, backtesting is a very tedious and rather difficult task to do manually. And we all know, people want to avoid things that require too much effort. I know as I do myself.

Is it possible to correct the mistakes of trading?

1. When you are not sure about your strategy and looking for the right set of parameters.
Traders often have hard time to discover which parameters of their trading strategies to use. Should you open the long trade when the Simple Moving Average with the 15, 20 or 30 period

How backtesting is different from a live trading?

Backtesting is a trading strategy based on historical forex data. It plays a vital role in determining whether a strategy works or not. In backtesting trading strategy, instead of working in the future period, a trader can simulate on the past data in order to measure its effectiveness. It is very popular strategy...

Why back testing is so important on Forex?

Back testing is a way to confirm that the EA or trading system you intend to use actually does what it intend or seems to be. Nevertheless, your Forex trading system will become pointless if it can't perform the way you thought it was going to.

Replay your trading history from MT4

What if you could shoot the video of all your trading? Of course, you can make use of the camera or any program that captures the screen but this method is not that convenient. As an alternative, you can shoot the video in your MT4, then export it into Forex Tester and...

Control the speed of testing

Every trader knows how boring it is to trade on a demo or live accounts. Even though you feel a lot of emotions while trading on a live account and risking your real money, you still need to wait for a long time waiting for your order to close. Most of the time nothing special happens..

Which parameters for SMA crossover to choose?

This strategy is a well-known one on the Internet but no one suggests which parameters a trader should choose for a profitable trading. This table shows that you can’t choose just random parameters because it will affect your trading significantly. Does this table mean...

How to find a profitable strategy 18 times faster?

  1. Find the strategy.
  2. Test this method on historical data.
  3. Get rid of those strategies that perform badly until you find the one that gives you profit.