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What is Forex Tester?

Forex Tester is software that simulates trading in the forex market. It is created for you to learn how to trade profitably. You can test your manual strategy and refine it with Forex Tester additional functionalities.

  • Simulate the broker of your choice.
  • Work with 16 years of recorded price movement of the forex currency market.
  • Save your current session, load another one, and then continue the first session later.
  • Become an experienced trader in less time.

We are traders, and we developed Forex Tester to improve our own trading, so we offer a solid manual forex tester solution.

Isn’t this what you were looking for? Try the demo and decide yourself.

Forex Tester 3 vs. Forex Tester 2

We added a variety of improvements into Forex Tester 3 to make the process of back testing even more comfortable, fast, and precise for the traders.

Please check the detailed list on the Features page.

Do I need internet connection for the service?
You can use Forex Tester program in offline mode. Our software needs Internet connection only for downloading historical data from our servers via Data Center > Update from server.

Also, you can download the data from our site:  datasources.

And import these data into the program manually using the Import from a file button in Data Center.

Can I try the system before I pay?

Yes. Please download the demo version and test with the default data.

Follow the Quick Start Guide to understand the options quickly and learn how to work with the software.

There are just a few limitations in the demo version. They won’t prevent checking the capabilities of Forex Tester.

Do I need to create an account?

There is no need to open an account in Forex Tester. You just start the test and you will have 10,000 dollars on your virtual deposit. If you want to increase or decrease this value, you can do it in Orders → Deposit / Withdraw money.

How much does the service cost?

The actual price of the software license is always available on the Order Page.

Forex Tester license is one-time fee

You can also subscribe to Historical Data service if you need additional data for your back testing.

Can I become a reseller /affiliate partner?

We have three types of the Forex referral programs. You can join the partnership program as:

Our managers will gladly help if you have additional questions. Contact us via promo@forextester.com.

What is needed to operate Forex Tester?

Forex Tester is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Processor min. 600 MHz Pentium III (or compatible); recommended - 1500 MHz and higher
Memory min. 128 MB RAM, recommended - 512 MB RAM and higher
Disk space 100 Mb for installation, 2 - 5 Gb for extra data imported depending on its size

The software is not compatible with Windows 95/98/Me and Mac operation systems. It can work under Windows emulators.

Forex Tester 3 vs. Meta Trader 4

Here is the list of advantages of Forex Tester 3 compared to MT4 tester:

  1. You can test manual trading strategies in a fast and easy way. With Forex Tester you can trade on historical data like you trade on your MT4 terminal in real time. This is very important even if you plan to develop an automatic trading system. For example, you may have an idea and want to test this idea before you spend time on implementing it in code.
  2. You can test combined strategies (Manual + Automatic) in Forex Tester. For example, you enter trades manually and exit automatically.
  3. You can see how exactly your strategy trades in real time. In MT4 you can only open a chart after a test is finished. In Forex Tester you can open many charts with different timeframes, apply indicators, draw graphical objects, etc.
  4. In MT4 you cannot test your strategy on real tick data with floating spread; in Forex Tester you can.
  5. In Forex Tester you can test multicurrency and multi-timeframe EAs.
  6. You can adjust strategy parameters during the test based on different factors (indicator, market conditions and so on).
  7. You can pause testing and analyze the market situation. Or you can even “rewind” the time and “play” a moment once again.
  8. You can test more than 1 EA at the same time.
  9. You can define your spread and swaps for any currency pair in Forex Tester.
  10. When you develop your EA with the help of Forex Tester API, you can use the debugger. This is very important for programmers and speeds up the development.

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