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Three ways to benefit with our Forex referral programs

We have designed three types of the Forex referral programs for the maximum convenience of our clients: you can join the partnership program as a Forex Affiliate, Forex Partner or Reseller of the Forex Tester software.

Each type of the program has its benefits, so you can choose the one that will meet your needs in a better way. Further, we dive deeper into the benefits of each program.

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We have worked hard to create such high-quality software as Forex Tester is, and still we put all our efforts to improve it day by day, therefore, our product does not need to be advertised, it is widely used both by the beginners and advanced Forex traders.

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  • 17 years on the market
  • Extremely low refund rate of 5.2%
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  • Average conversion rate: 1.12%
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  • 14-days money back guarantee

We care about our Forex referral program members:

You can be sure we provide you with all the needed assessment and support to make you succeed with our programs:

  • We give our clients the opportunity to choose between three Partnership programs to pick the one that meets their interests – you can join our Forex partnership programs as an Affiliate, Partner or Reseller.
  • We continuously work on improvements of our product and our site to ensure our customers get the most of both of them. We run 10 AB-tests on the most important pages of our sites in order to find out what increases conversion. We have already launched 200+ tests and our conversion steadily grows. This way we add to the level of attraction and possibility of purchase for your clients, so it will result positively for all parties.
  • It can take some time for clients to end up with the purchase decision, in this case, we care for you to get your money as a Forex affiliate: we established 180 days period of cookie duration for the purchase in case if the customer did not buy the product while the first visit.
  • Within the Forex Resellers Program, we have introduced a significant change: you do not have to pay for Forex Tester 5 keys ahead, pay us back as soon as you sell a bunch of registration keys!
  • Our support team will be happy to provide you with any kind of information about Affiliate or any other programs you want enroll in.
  • To register for one of our referral programs is easy, free and takes only few minutes!
  • We develop numerous promotional and sales periods to draw the attention of the perspective customers.

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