How to find a profitable strategy 18 times faster?

To become a profitable trade one needs to:

  1. Find the strategy.
  2. Test this method on historical data.
  3. Get rid of those strategies that perform badly until you find the one that gives you profit.

You will have to repeat these steps many times before you stumble upon a really nice trading system. And even when you settle down with the strategy that works amazing on one currency pair it does not mean that it will perform in a good way on another one. To save your time immensely you can test your strategies on multiple currency pairs at a time.

That is why just start the test for 10 different currency pairs at a time and by the end of the test you will receive solid and trustworthy results of this particular strategy performance. It will take you 10 times less efforts compared to the testing of your trading system on 1 symbol only.

If you belong to those traders who do not want to put on trust some guru’s methods and who are fond of testing everything on their own then you need to take a look at Forex Tester. It is the software that will change your persuasion about the Forex market once and for all. Since the moment, you start using it you won’t need to believe that some strategy is working – you will know it for sure.

By the way, the amount of simultaneously tested currency pairs is limited only with 2 things:

  1. The power of your computer.
  2. And the number of symbols you have the data for.

You can download a free trial of Forex Tester here: and start seeing what works and what does not work. We will also provide you with 100% free data on 18 symbols since 2001. You can test them simultaneously and find the methods that work. 18 times faster.

If the strategy belongs to the losing ones on GBPUSD – it is not the indicator that you have to get rid of it. Try it on USDCHF, or on EURGBP, or on silver – it might be profitable on any of these symbols.

You can start your free trial downloading the program from this page: